Fabricio Chalub Barbosa do Rosário

- M.Sc. Student at UFF.  My advisor is Christiano Braga.
- November 7 -- December 4, 2004: guest at 
  BRICS: Basic Research in Computer Science
  Research Center and International PhD School
  at the Universities of Aarhus and Aalborg

Email address: fchalub@ic.uff.br

Update 2005/07/03. My M.Sc. dissertation is now
available for download in Publications!  A new
version of the Maude MSOS Tool site is coming soon.

Update 2005/07/16. New site for the Maude MSOS Tool.
Link at SourceForge, Link at UFF.  Talks & Seminars 
updated with my defense talk.

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  Maude MSOS Tool
  Etc. }

Research topics

The Feynman Problem Solving Algorithm:
1) Write down the problem. 2) Think very hard. 3) Write down the solution.
* Language-oriented Software Development * Rewriting Logic * Modular Structural Operational Semantics * Action Semantics $Date: 2005/07/16 22:40:07 $