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benign cases

tumores benignos

ben2a ben3 ben4
ben5 ben6 ben7
ben8 ben9 ben10
ben12 ben13 ben14
ben15 ben16 ben17
ben18 ben19 ben20
ben21 ben22 ben23
cyst_tf2 fibade~1 ben24
ben25 ben26 ben27
ben28 ben29 ben30
ben31 ben32 ben33
malignant cases

tumores malignos

mal2 mal5 mal10
mal10a mal11~1 mal12
mal13 mal14 mal15
mal16 mal17 mal18
mal19 mal20 mal21
mal22 mal23 mal24
mal25 mal26 mal27
mal28 mal29 mal30
mal31 mal32 mal33
mal34 mal35 mal36
mal37 mal38 mal39
mal40 mal41 mal42