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Anselmo Montenegro

Associate Professor
Universidade Federal Fluminense


  Citeseer(research site)

  Computer Vision Homepage - Caneggie Mellon University

  Computer Vision Search Index (CMU)

  Computational Vision - New York University

  Computer Vision Lab - University of Florida


  Computer Vision and Image Understanding

  Surface Reconstruction

  Robotvis - INRIA

  University of Wiscosin Computer Vision Group

  Imaging Resources

  Computer Vision Conference Information

  Vision and Image Processing Archive

  VISION-List Digest

  Computer Vision Papers Search Engine (MIT)

  Computer Vision Search Index (Delft)

  Robotics Resources

  Computer Graphics Resources

  Virtual Reality Resources

  Scientific Visualization and Graphics Resources

  Space-Time Volumes (Michal Irani's page)


  Nehe OpenGL Tutorials

  CGTrade - Free 3D Models


  Game Tutorials


  Game programmer

  Graphics File Formats Page

  Java 3D

  Multiresolution Modeling

  Nate Robins Tutorials

  Real Time Rendering

  Renderman Repository

  Siggraph 99 Courses

  Stanford Video Game Competition

  Web 3D Consortium

  Wiki's CG Course

  Peter Shirley's papers

  Distance fields and distance transforms

  Computer Generated Angular Fisheye Projections

  Geometry in Action

  Computational Geometry Resources

  Computational Geometry Research Groups

  Introduction to chain codes

  Chain Codes Applet

  Introduction to wavelets

  Volumetric Reconstruction and Stereo Vision

       Andrew Broadhurst
       Andrew Prock
       Greg Slabaugh
       Hideo Saito
       Kyros Kutulakos
       Peter Eisert
       Peter K. Allen
       Steven Seitz
       Takeo Kanade

  Stereo Vision

       David Geiger
       Hiroshi Ishikawa
       Ramin Zabih
       Sébastien Roy

  Numerical Recipes in C