Picture of Professor Leandro
                Augusto Frata Fernandes

Leandro Augusto Frata Fernandes
Professor of Computer Science

Instituto de Computação
Universidade Federal Fluminense
Av. Gen. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/n, Room 534
Bairro Gragoatá
Niterói, RJ - Brazil
CEP 24210-346

e-mail: laffernandes "at" ic.uff.br  phone: +55 (21) 2629-2960

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Welcome to my home page. My research interests cover most aspects of visual computing, but especially in the frontiers among vision, image processing, and graphics. This includes shape and patterns detection, image features, image metrology, image-based tracking, 3D scanning, image-based rendering, representation and rendering of surface details, and surface reconstruction from point clouds. My research interests also include geometric algebra (Clifford algebra in physics) and its applications.

If you are interested in undergraduate and graduate studies in these areas, please send me some e-mail. Check out the Prograf's page for information about our research group.

To view my curriculum vitae, please go to the Lattes curriculum platform. Citation reports are available in Google Scholar and Scopus.

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