• February 16, 2009

    The Yii Cookbook is available

    The Yii Cookbook is a collection of Yii tutorials, each addressing a specific development task. Everyone with a Yii forum account can participate in creating or editing tutorial pages in the cookbook. Write now to share your knowledge about Yii with other people.

  • February 16, 2009

    The tutorial on the blog demo is available

    Finally, we have completed the writing of the tutorial on the blog demo. Compared with the Definitive Guide, this tutorial focuses more on developing a complete Web application using Yii. It is thus more suitable as an beginner book to learn Yii. For more details, please check out the Yii blog tutorial. Note, some sections in this tutorial require the upcoming version 1.0.3. If you are using the SVN copy, you should be fine.

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