The software here listed were developed in the context of the work of many students and all of the repositories list their names and contributions.

ReoXplore (supported by FAPERJ)

Mariana de Freitas Ferreira

An interface to draw Reo circuits capable to translate them to Treo language, nuXmv model checker file, Coq code, and Haskell programs. Available here. An online lightweight version is available here for preview.

Interopera (supported by Prefeitura Municipal de Niterói - PDPA)

Allan Patrick de Freitas Santana

Maximilian Harrisson

A tool that combines statistics, logic, and machine learning techniques to [semi-]automatically align data from different bases and provides a query interface. Available here.

CACoq (supported by FAPERJ)

Erick Simas Grilo

A compiler from Reo circuits in Treo language to Coq and Haskell code. Available here.

Reo2nuXmv (supported by FAPERJ)

Daniel Arena Toledo

A compiler from Reo circuits in Treo language to the nuXmv model language. Available here.


Allan Patrick de Freitas Santana

A compiler from the Mini-C language (a subset of the C programming language) to Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) capable to provide a model in nuXmv language. Available here.