Medialab is an interdisciplinary space, dedicated for teaching, research and start up of new ideas, projects and companies in digital medias, digital entertainment, new interfaces paradigms and social digital inclusion. Medialab is based at the Computer Science department of the Federal Fluminense University and has collaboration from the Comunication department of the same university. The Computer Department of UFF is a well recognized department, which handles an undergraduate computer science course, considered as a 5 stars program from the minister of education from Brazil. It also handles a graduate program on computer science, which offers a master and doctor program in different areas of the computer science knowledge area. The CS department was created in 1974 and was originally based at the Mathematics department. Today the department has 61 professors, many of them very well recognized in their research field and is listened among the top 10 CS research centers at Brazil. The campus where Medialab belongs is located in Niteroi, at the neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

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